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If a religious christening is not your style a naming ceremony is the solution. I will create the perfect naming ceremony for your child and your family. I provide you with lots of helpful ideas and suggestions to include in the Ceremony. Readings, poems etc can be included.

Godparents or Mentors are all presented with a certificate. I also supply the candle which is yours to keep.


Renewing your wedding vows is becoming more popular today. It may be that you had a simple wedding first time round and you now want to hold a more elaborate celebration or perhaps you eloped and you now wish to have a ceremony with all your family and friends present. It could also be that you were married overseas and now wish to have a ceremony here. Or it could be to celebrate a marriage milestone: eg. 10, 25, or 50 years of marriage.

Whatever the reason the ceremony can be like a wedding without all the paperwork. You can use the vows you had at your wedding or you may even want to write or choose your own. Whatever the reason, the Renewal of Vows will be personalised to suit your personality. You are also presented with a certificate.


Commitment Ceremonies are usually held for couples of same sex or couples that do not want to have a legally binding marriage. The difference is it is not a legally binding ceremony, but an affirmation of a couple’s commitment to each other.  Or couples that were married in a private ceremony and now want the full ceremony with family and friends attending.

The ceremony can be structured to suit each couple and can be like a wedding with all the bells and whistles but without the legal paperwork. It can be formal or traditional or any other. You get presented with a certificate.